Street Conversation

StreetEvangelism by bobmendo
StreetEvangelism, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr.

Actually this is several conversations, all going on at once. The man in the blue shirt of course, is sharing his opinions with the man in the Jews for Jesus t-shirt on the streets of Manhattan, New York City.

The man in the gray shirt is overhearing what the two are saying, and he's an active listener to the goings-on.

The man in the kippah walking past has been seeing/hearing it as well, and has to return to work. But he was 'involved' in the chat.

And everyone who notices the green t-shirt, is being invited to consider the message. Who is Jesus? That's the underlying theme of this July outreach in NYC. And if we had to choose one, it's the ever-underlying theme of everything that goes on in Jews for Jesus.

We meet up with enquirers to invite them to consider that theme. Who do you think Jesus is? We meet with believers to encourage them to continue in that consideration. We preach in churches and bring back to mind the reality of the Jewish Jesus, and His Lordship and salvation.

At staff meetings we pray, reminding ourselves of the One who bought us with His blood and brings us back into relationship with the Father.

Who is He? Who is Jesus? That may be the single most important question you ever have to answer.

Answer well.


Roger Bourne said…
I go out onto the streets but find myself giving out the broadsides and not engaging in conversations. One day I asked the Lord for some people to talk to and along came a Greek orthodox boy who just wanted to harangue me, so I decided to go back to giving out broadsides, its like the wall they don't answer back.
Bob said…
Here's the thing Roger. People need to talk about the issue of Y'shua. That you believe... well and good. That you want others to hear...well and good. That you are AVAILABLE to discuss the issue, that's key! Look for anyone who slows their gait, who looks twice, if you have to, then try another 'starter' than "Can I ask you a question?' Try something like, "What would it take for you to discuss this issue?'
Roger Bourne said…
I take your point. There is no "Oi Vey" only "Yes next".

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