Mendelsohns at the bris 2

Mendelsohns at the bris 2 by bobmendo
Mendelsohns at the bris 2, a photo by bobmendo on Flickr.

I'm a twice-born child of Abraham. Those words begin the song "Abraham" by Stuart Dauermann. It's a classic. It's online in many places. Try this one:

And the song is about covenant, and God making covenant with us, in circumcision and in the circumcision of our hearts. So here we have our family, a covenant family to be sure, celebrating the day of my new (and first) grandson's circumcision. It's in Kansas City and took place in the messianic congregation building at Or Haolam on Metcalf.

We have so much to celebrate in life. It's right to pause and memorialize those things. The Bible is actually a memorializing of God's intersections with mankind, over and over. And his loyal love is exposed on every page.

I'm grateful being a twice-born child of Abraham. Thanks be to God for His choosing us and His keeping us. For Himself.


Rabbi Eli Cohen said…
Congratulations Bob!
A blessing on your head from one first time grandparent to another
Bob said…
Thanks Rochelle and Eli... I'm proud as punch!

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