United voices, but not unity

This is from some blog or news service; I can't tell the difference anymore. Seems the only Jewish radio station in all of Australia, with a community license, has lost its license. They stopped broadcasting on Monday at midnight. Shalom Lion FM, and shalom MJR (Melbourne Jewish Radio).

The Australian Communications and Media Authority also announced that they do not intend to issue any further community broadcasting licences in Melbourne.

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria’s President, John Searle said “the loss of the licence is very unfortunate”. He added, “It is devastating news for our community for whom the benefits of the licence were enormous. It provided not only a means of communication within our community, but also a wonderful window through which information could flow to the wider community.”

That makes sense. So many people learn about Jewish things from peering inside the sights and sounds of Jewish life. They visit the local synagogue. They attend Jewish film festivals and watch "The Nanny" and "Seinfeld."

Why would ACMA nix the station then? Searle: “...because Melbourne had too many Community Radio Stations...and at least two other groups had been formed (in addition to “Lion FM”), each with a view to either applying for the community broadcasting licence or being involved in community broadcasting. It would appear that the “fight for the licence” might have been a contributing factor in the ACMA decision, as clearly, ACMA did not see a unified community”.

That also makes sense. From the outside, all Jews are ...well Jews. So, I can imagine an ACMA staff meeting, And if they can't become one voice, then why should we give two or three different licences, when so many others are putting up their hands to get a voice?

I hear Rodney King saying, "Can't we all just get along?" or Michael Jackson singing, "We are the world" or even a campfire ablaze and we are singing along with the strumming guitar to some 60s folk song.

Unity doesn't necessarily come because we are all alike in some measure. Put four 6-year-olds together at a multi-family gathering because they are...well, they are the same age, and see if they 'just get along.'Why if we put 20 'not perfect' adults into the same room do we think they will get along perfectly? It's illogical. The problem is not with the wishes or desires of people to contract niceness or good harmony or peace, but with our own self-consumption and selfishness.

Dare I say it, the problem is sin.

The answer is not harmony singing or contracts, but in repentance and forgiveness. That's God's answer to the human dilemma and it's logical and reasonable. And right.

If you want unity, you have to know and be known by the Living God who makes all things His, under His lordship and when that happens, we submit to His will and life gets good. Or at least better.

Y'shua's prayer was "the glory which Thou hast given Me I have given to them; that they may be one, just as We are one." (John 17.22) Good prayer. And it will be answered, in due course. And the answer will come when we seek God's glory and not our own. May it be, even today.


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