14 June 2011

Grounded and flying high

Yesterday I flew back early from Brisbane to Sydney. Early because I had heard that there was a massive cloud of ash coming from Chile and the Chilean volcano was still spewing. I heard that as the airplanes were grounded in Europe from the Iceland volcano, so this one would hit Australia. I wasn't nervous, but thought it best to leave early. I got back in plenty of time, as nothing to/from Sydney was affected, immediately. But the news today is awash with the troubles of the thousands being made visible.

The Age (from Melbourne) reports this morning, "Thousands of air passengers remain stranded in Melbourne despite the ash cloud from the Chilean volcano beginning to dissipate and airlines resuming flights out of Tullamarine and Avalon airports yesterday." The Age article

The AAP reported, "The air force was called in yesterday to fly Tasmanian federal politicians to Canberra after they could not travel on commercial flights."

Disruption is never convenient nor pleasant. I'm sorry for the dis-ease of the politicians and the thousands yet left without travel as they planned. Thanks to Dee and Dean for rising early yesterday to make my life easier by driving me to the Brisbane airport. And thanks to God for His allowing us to change plans. I always say, "Blessed are the flexible; they do not break."

What will come to you today, to upset you or to thwart you? What will come your way to knock you off course, or to give you an opportunity to amend your way or your ways? If you keep your eyes on Messiah, you will do well. Then no matter the cloud or the sunshine, you'll be able to handle it.

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