Israelis and Messianic Jews

This article is worth a read all by itself.

Israeli media stands up for Messianic Jews

Average Israelis may be indifferent at best toward their Jesus-following Jewish brethren, but their distaste for the domineering attitude and behavior of many in the Orthodox Jewish community has resulted in a new phenomenon of average “secular” Israelis coming to the defense of Messianic Jews.

Nowhere has this been more pronounced than in the Israeli media, which over the past several years has on numerous occasion portrayed Messianic Israelis in a positive light.

The latest occurrence of this was on Wednesday evening, when Israel Channel One’s “Second Look” program compared local Messianic Jews to the anti-missionary group Yad L’Achim, which has dedicated itself to harassing and driving out believers in Yeshua (Jesus)... read the whole article (see

I think the historic Jewish community needs to rethink its strategies against the work of the Lord in the messianic community.


Beseder said…
What an encouraging article! Thank you for posting it.

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