Confession: The Jewish view on the Catholic iPhone app

An article from the NY Times written by Laurie Goodstein is entitled “App Can’t Replace Confession, Vatican Says”

She reports, “A new application being sold on iTunes, “Confession: a Roman Catholic App,” cannot be used as a substitute for confession with a priest, the Vatican said Wednesday. The application was developed by American entrepreneurs with the help of two priests and the blessing of a bishop. It features a questionnaire of sins, and is promoted as a tool both to revive interest in confession and to help Catholics prepare for the sacrament. But some media reports cast the app as a “virtual priest” for Catholics who do not have time for church, prompting the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, to respond, “One cannot speak in any way of ‘confession by iPhone.’ ”

Wow, confession that doesn’t count. 

Maybe I should wait until Yom Kippur to share this, but I have to let you in on something. God is always available. You don’t need a pope or a bishop; a poet or a king. You need God to listen to you. We all fail; we all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s even worse than using the wrong app on our smart phone.

And all the while it is the Almighty who is ever listening. He really wants to hear from us and to forgive us our sins. He wants to hear from you today. No app required-- just honesty and forthrightness-- and humility to admit our failings. After all, everyone else is willing to admit our failings; we ought to join them.

For more information, read a couple Psalms, like Psalm 32 or Psalm 51. Psalm 130 is terrific as well. Some read in the Newer Testament in 1 John chapter 1 and others enjoy Romans chapter 8. It’s all good, I think.

Confess just means to ‘agree with’ someone. So agree with God that you are a sinner. Agree with God that He loves you. Agree with God that those things you do against others are wrong, and you are sorry. And agree with God that Y’shua is our Messiah and can save us from all our sins.

Romans 10 records this: “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” That’s an agreement better than any smart phone could ever include.


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