Where is this going?

Erich Zimmermann
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The world has changed after 9/11. Worry, fear, anxiety... all known in measure before that day nine years ago, now have escalated into an 'ism.' Terrorism we call it. We issue declarations of war against it. We send troops into battle about it. We frisk people at airports and train stations. Four stolen airplanes and now we have a fear that is settling in like an English fog.

Once again this revelation hit me yesterday. I was playing golf at St Michaels Golf Course in Sydney. For a couple years I've been taking my Nikon camera along with me now and then to the games we play. And taking pictures and putting them into the website so that the men can see the places and their own photos...kind of a service I perform. (The site is Golfers here )

The group ahead of us looked like candidates for such photojournalism, and I pulled out my mobile phone to shoot them. It was too rainy to bring my good camera out yesterday. One of them, not pictured, asked me 'Where is this going?" and followed with "You never know who will steal your identity these days."

Wow, what a splash of reality from a simple gesture of photography. And he's right, of course. Before 9/11 would he have even thought of such? Has the world really gone as mad as all that?

Yup, that's the effect of four stolen airplanes. And the fear that is gripping even the simplest of activities.

Y'shua the Messiah foretold this 'last days' reality as it's recorded in the Gospel of Luke: "Men’s hearts failing them for fear" (Luke chapter 21 verse 26) In the midst of the change and changeability of the world as Y'shua described it, the reality of what we title terrorism would be front and center.

Where is this going? It's up to you.


Bob said…
My email server notifies me of updates from this Blog. And how fascinating in light of this particular blog, that above the email was 'to safeguard your privacy, photographs were not downloaded.' Privacy has also arisen as a major concern, even as the non-photographed golfer said, and there are no signs of it being a concern slowing down.

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