If you know the result, can you watch?

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Monday morning our family gathered around the television to watch what is at the same time Sunday afternoon in the US, for playoff football. We were going to watch a couple games, the Kansas City Chiefs at home against Baltimore and what we had taped the day before of the New York Jets playing in Indianapolis against the Colts. My daughter has been living in New York and her boyfriend is there, and like most New Yorkers, they cheer for anything in a New York uniform.

We sat down to watch and she like most young people opened her laptop to see who had written her in the last while. Seemed Byron, her boyfriend had written, rejoicing that the Jets had beaten the Colts. Oh no, now she knew the result, would she still watch the recorded game?

Last night I stayed up very very late watching the 20/20 Cricket match between Australia and England. And it was a delayed broadcast from earlier in the day. And if you knew the result, that England won by one run, on the last ball, would you have watched?

Both games were great. Both could have gone either way. Any of the four teams could have won, and no matter for whom you cheer, they were great games.

But would you have watched?

Knowing how things will turn out doesn't preclude watching the game. But it does change things.

Some watch movies they have already seen. Some read books they have already read. Or TV series like West Wing, NCIS or 24, and others that still captivate.

Look, I know how the end of the world is going to happen. That is, how, just when things are bleakest, Messiah Y'shua is going to return to earth, and put His foot down, taking over the world, His world, that He created. He will rule from Jerusalem. The kingdoms of this world will have become the kingdoms of the Lord and of His Messiah.

The Bible makes it clear that the end of the world is not really the end. For those of us who know Y'shua (some call him Jesus) the overtime will last forever. And it will be a great ride.

Even though we already know how it will play out, it will be worth watching and experiencing. I invite you to the real Game. The Eternal Game. Where everyone can win.

Even you can win. What a way to enjoy 2011...and beyond.


Tom said…
No words to explain..........:)

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