Fast Food Axe Attack

Terrible news from Melbourne about robbers hitting McDonalds. Is nowhere safe? Even playland?


Roger Bourne said…
Hey Bob are you suggesting that violence is filling the streets of our cities as it did in the days of Noah. Even on the government education blog they are talking about signs of the end times. They mentioned May 21st as the day that Y'shua will return. Wouldn't that be great. Come Lord Y'shua, Hamashiach, Come quickly and soon. Alas no one knows the day or the hour so we must be prepared for His coming but get on with the performance. Is all performing rooted in pride and jealousy of those who can out-perform us?
Bob said…
The hardest thing as a parent, as a person, is to watch helplessly as others are hurt, and you can do nothing about it. I'm so sorry for those who experience the trauma of an axe attack.

Yes, the world is getting worse.
Yes, Y'shua is returning soon.

I don't know if it's 21 May or today or 20 years from now, but readying? That's a good idea Roger!

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