Every parent's boast

Every parent's boast
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Some people put their treasures into safety deposit boxes with jewels and important documents. Some put their treasures in their museums and offices in a gallery of artworks that span the decades if not centuries. I have three treasures, and they are not mine, in the same sense of ownership.

I love it when my children ring me or email me. I like it when they notice that I was gone for a few days. I like it that they want to hang out for a round of spades, double solitaire or Jeopardy on TV. We have fun doing crossword puzzles and eating out together. We especially like to share holidays together as a family.

When I was in Michigan 10 days ago, I saw this license plate on a car as I was racing into the rental car return area. And although I was a bit stressed by the lack of time I had misgauged, I had to pull out my camera and shoot this. Although the boast was not originally mine, I can appropriate it.

I have great kids.

Funny to call adults 'kids', but I guess that's the thing about a parent. We ever think of our offspring as both 'ours' and as 'kids.' My son is 31 and seriously an adult. He's lived on his own since he was 19. My elder daughter is 27 and moved out of house when she was 18. Over two years ago she moved countries back to the US. My 'baby' is 20 and 5'11" and will enter 3rd year university in the new year. Who would call them 'kids?' Only their parents.

The concept of 'ours' or possession is fascinating. My wife.. I say that expression. But does Patty belong to me? In a real way, yes. We belong to each other. The evidence of marital ownership is in our wedding documents, our photos over 33 years, our marriage bed, the regular thoughts we have of one another, and our dreams of what's ahead.

So in a way, our 3 kids are ours. But in every good way, they are adults and growing and making long-lasting decisions which impact our lives and theirs. And my confidence in them grows over time. I'm so proud of my Great Kids. I wish you could know them, too.


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