Roosters and Dragons

Roosters and Dragons
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New wave of peace in footy fans

Within 100 meters of the Easts Leagues Club, the home of the Sydney Roosters, a banner is attracting major attention. Draping arm in arm, in apparent affection, a cartoon of a rooster and a dragon is displayed in a bookstore in Bondi Junction. The sign, with text, “Even with enemies… our peace is in Y’shua” fills the large plate-glass window of the Jews for Jesus Books & Gifts shop at 576 Oxford Street.

Councillor Sally Betts, mayor of Waverley, spawned the idea. She sent out a message to local businesses this week, encouraging local shops to display a ‘Go the Roosters’ type of signage.

Betts wrote, “Join me in wishing the Roosters every success on the day and together we will make the most of this amazing grand final.”

Bob Mendelsohn, national director of Jews for Jesus, is a member of Easts as well as Norths. He says that Jews for Jesus wanted to make a display which characterized the spirit of harmony and peace which is at the centre of the Jewish High Holidays, which we are only now concluding here in Sydney. “The words of reconciliation and forgiveness, which so highlight Yom Kippur (The Jewish Day of Atonement), seemed more in keeping with us and with the banner, than a simple “Go the Roosters!” display.”

Mendelsohn says there are supporters of Jews for Jesus from all parts of Sydney, including The Shire, and he says, “In Y’shua, that is, in relationship with God through the Messiah, everyone can have real peace.”

Display is visible now at the shop.

Jews for Jesus
576 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction 2022


Roger Bourne said…
Sounds like another draw to me, though all will be settled and put at peace by the golden point, the point of which is be good winners and be good losers for what appears to be the loss of all things is to win eternal life.
Bob said…
Hey Roger, no golden point needed there... it was a romp
Bob said…
The Sydney Morning Herald commented today:

Have a read! And send a note to the editor. Quick!
Bob said…
For those who want a one click URL here it is, Click here for the Jews for Jesus reference in today's Sydney Morning Herald.
Roger Bourne said…
The bottom line was to the roosters, a common victim of Pashe celebrations I believe. A poor substitute for the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and who will conquer the Dragon at the end of the age.

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