Taqiyya - Lying For Islam?

The controversy at Ground Zero continues, as the legal issue now is coming to the fore. I'm shocked. There is nothing illegal about a community center or even a mosque being built on property in the US, especially on private property. That's a constitutional right. And yet according to CNN this morning, 25% of the people they interviewed (probably in NYC, although I didn't catch exactly where) believed that the constitution did not give the private company the right to build such a place.

My problem continues to be the sensitivity to the area, to the victims, to the families of the victims. Charles Krauthammer wrote sensibly and lovingly about it last week. See Mosque story

But this video about Taqiyya, may well be in the backdrop somewhere of all the conditioning of the American public. I'm not saying it is, but there seems to be an increasing influence of 'rights' and 'anti-racism' and such.. Where will this all end? Buckle your seat belt.


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