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All over Singapore, an island rich in vegetation and multiculturalism, I'm preaching the Gospel of Y'shua. Most of the people in the churches are Singaporean Chinese Christians, but the other night I was amazed at the response of one particular church, the Church of Singapore, in Bukit Timah. A delightful mix of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan...(and the list goes on) peoples who love the real Jesus.

The pastor was from the UK, Tim Gibson, who along with his wife Shendy, lead the fellowship. They sang Jewish songs. They worshipped the Jewish Messiah. It was humbling and full of life. They gave generously to the work of Jews for Jesus. They believe and they want to help reach Jewish people for the Lord.

The Church of Singapore is one of 4 branches of the main church which is a 3 iron shot from my hotel in Katong. I can't wait to preach at that one, or the other branches, if Bukit Timah is any indication of the love of God in each of the others.

They wanted to learn. They wanted to hear about what God's plan for the Jewish people is/was. And I taught that, from Romans 11. I think within a few days the church will have my sermon on line... keep checking here. Church of Singapore

This is not the only place with enthusiasm for the message of Y'shua. Today I'm going to a couple other places, and hope for similar results. And earlier in the week I spoke and was well received by East Asia School of Theology (EAST) and Trinity Theological College. And this is not my first time in country. The photo is one from three years ago at a Presbyterian church which also was enthusiastic True Way

I guess all this to say, thanks Singapore. Thanks Singaporeans. Thanks Lord for such people from all over the globe, who love the Gospel and love the Saviour and the people from whom He came. They don't hear 'just another sermon.' They take this on board. God, bless them, each one, and me as I keep coming back to share and learn and live with these good folks.


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