06 August 2010

Good art?

Now some will say that this woman Tamara is doing a good thing. And I approve of it and applaud her effort. I think her lyrics are terrific and her desire to lift up Y'shua is clear and good.

Then the question comes, is this good art?

One re-poster said of her, "Tamara Lowe - White Girl Greatest Rapper Ever - Tamara Lowe raps on TBN.wmv" Wow, that's like Ray's pizza in New York. The greatest and the best pizza in NY. Of course there are dozens of Ray's competing with each other. Or in Sydney there are coffee places that have 'the best coffee' in Sydney. Who voted? Who has the authority to decide?

OK< that's culinary. This is art. And art has its own measure, doesn't it?

JC Jaress said in an article on evaluating art<
"1. Hold Your Opinion(s)
You may like or dislike the subject matter, application, composition, colors, theme, etc. - this is fine and understandable and inevitable - but if you wish to evaluate the work, set your emotional responses aside momentarily."

Jaress then cites History and Craft as judges 2 and 3. Of history, "2. History
To evaluate a particular work of art, or artist(s) for that matter, we need to place the work within its historical context: When was the work produced? And where? By whom? Man? Woman? Collaborative? What were/are the historical implications of this particular work? How does it compare to other works produced in that time and place? How does it compare to other works by this artist? And other artists of that time?" and of craft, "The "intention of craft" must be understood to place the work within a context that we can begin to understand and talk, relevantly, about the work."

Frances Schaeffer wrote the famous essay, "Art and the Bible." I read that in the 1970s and found it rich and helpful in evaluating things that I find distasteful. I don't have to like something, say Modern Art, to find it excellent. I don't have to like rap music to find some very well produced and excellent rap music. I don't have to like classical music, although I do, and sometimes it's the 'liking' of a thing which makes the evaluation that much harder. I might be swayed by the pleasure of the theme or the content if I'm trying to decide if a thing is good or bad art.

That's where I am with this woman rapper.

She says the right things, although apparently bagging the very medium on which she is sending out the information is a bit disingenuous.

Even so, the 'amen' that rises up within me as Tamara raps this poem should not influence my decision about the art being good or bad.

I think her rapping is pretty ordinary. I think if a real rapper had been given the poetry she wrote, I would much prefer it.

What do you think?


Roger Bourne said...

Whether it be Sarah Palin or Julia Gillard or Oprah or any strong woman making the calls, I think it is just that a strong woman. I think we all know a few strong women and I am sure that they are made in the image of Y'shu as much as I am. In fact a great preacher once said that he was most humbled in life when Abba Elohim said that he was hiding in the preacher's wife. It is all a matter of finding where Y'shua is hiding and Y'shua said He would be hiding in the homeless, the unwanted, the prisoner, the indigenous but can He be hiding in Pontius Pilate's wife? Humility is what it is all about. Can we humble ourselves and learn obedience to Him wherever in what- ever. They reckon St Francis found Y'shua in kissing a leper. My choice is not to make any judgements or vows but leave all judgement to Him who judges rightly and in the meantime wallow in the road less travelled like someone who sang against Y'shua once said, "let it be, let it be." Now there is a person (John Lennon) who brings out the best and the worst, only Y'shua can judge him or even Ghandi should we listen to him or was Y'shua hiding in him?
I choose to focus on my own life and fight the real baddies, deception, criticism, immorality etc. That's enough to deal with in one day.

偉曹琬 said...


Bob said...

@Roger, I'm not sure that you read what I was writing about. I was writing about critiquing art, and although I appreciated this woman's poetry, in a way, I found her art sub-par in regards to the genre. That's all I was talking about.

You are welcome to discuss strong women and to discuss judgment, but that's not what I was addressing.

Roger Bourne said...

Bob, I can only respond to what I see and hear. I am not an art critic and I do not consider you an art critic. How could I possibly expect you to write as such. I listen to people's hearts and not to their thoughts. Your thoughts might think about art criticism but I think I read what your heart was saying. Let's face it we are all trying to find ways to cease being dinosaurs and somehow be relevant to the contemporary mindset without molding and conforming our minds to the world.
I know that I know nothing about rap music. I listen to Beethoven. Still if people are rapping Jesus then I guess it is for rappers. Each to his own.