Another testimony

Long ago I had a neighbour in the university town of Lawrence, Kansas, in the middle of the US. For some reasons we had a burden to pray for him amidst all the other neighbours surrounding our "Jesus House" which we titled, "The Mustard Seed."

This came from Randy yesterday. It makes sense to share with you. Enjoy what our God can and does do.

"Bob, I read your testimony and thought about where I fit into your time line. Summer 1974. I'm at the Bierstube with a beer in hand. You're at a table, yarmulke on head, open Bible on the table, in deep discussion with someone. I didn't know at that time we were neighbors. But the sight had a deep impact on me, and still does.

After I responded to Jesus the following year, I met two girls at the [Mustard] Seed. They were excited to see me there. They told me they had seen me in the hall at LHS the first day of school, 1974. They thought I was you and were approaching me when they realized I wasn't you. Then they committed themselves to pray for my salvation every day that school year. It was a fairly miserable, sort of Hound of Heaven year for me, but ultimately I came to Christ almost exactly one year later. God uses us far beyond our awareness."

Randy's story highlights for me that when we are about our Father's business, submitting to His commands, and living it out as we ought, that God leads us and others around us to His purposes. What could be simpler?


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