Kate and Jewish re-connection

It's all very premature. The Sydney Morning Herald today says that Kate has returned to Judaism. But wait, she's the daughter of Pru Goward, the little Anglican lady at the podium from Goulburn pictured here at the installation of the bishop Stuart Robinson last year. Ah, Kate's grandmother is Jewish, and her Hebrew (or probably Yiddish) name was Zipporah. So Kate's new name is Tsiporah Malka.

Wait, isn't that the Hebrew name of Tsipi Livni, the head of the Israeli government Kadimah party?

It's confusing. Just wait!

The Herald reports this morning, "The 36-year-old daughter of the NSW Liberal member for Goulburn Pru Goward has told friends she has converted to Orthodox Judaism." The former model, actress and Sydney socialite who once stepped out with actor Ben Mendelsohn (not to be confused with this Blogger Bob Mendelsohn) and was engaged to James Packer, has been missing from public view for some time now.

From Wikipedia: Kate Fischer, aka Katie Fischer, (born on 30 November 1973 in Adelaide, South Australia) is an Australian model and actress. She attended the Canberra Girls' Grammar School.

So how does she turn into Tsiporah?

Or is this even true? Some folks in the media love to report things as if they were so, before they are. But this could be, after all, we are quoting the Sydney Morning Herald, you know?

"Although raised a Christian, Fischer has Jewish ancestry and her new name is clearly modeled on what appears to be her Jewish grandma, Zipporah. Her Facebook page is filled with loads of Yiddish expressions like ''vent my kvetch'' ''oy vey!'' and her enthusiasm for studying the Torah."

I cannot find her Facebook page, although the Herald cites from it throughout the article.

The Herald says, "She posts photos from her modeling days in Sydney, which her American Jewish friends who know her only as T'ziporah, comment on seemingly unaware of her previous identity. She lists her political views as conservative and proclaims things like: ''Being a Republican is nerdy-cool & fun! (far more exciting being on this side now!)'' and condemns media coverage of Lindsay Lohan with ''I can't believe the news coverage being given to a spoiled 20-something yr old.'' And again of her memories of Australia, "applauds the interview by 2UE radio announcer Alan Jones of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, during which she stumbled on the show with a ''Go Jonesy!''"

My favourite part is "Her friend and former Surry Hills flatmate, Toby Osmond - who once ran Will and Toby's bar at Taylor Square - is in contact with her and says he hopes she sticks to this latest enthusiasm. ''She's done AA, transcendental meditation, the Hillsong thing and now this - she is always searching for meaning,'' he told the Herald"

Toby, and Kate, Tsipi or Tsiporah or Zipporah or T'siporah Malka, whoever is listening...
There is meaning out there. There is relevance in the relationship we can have with the Almighty. And it's not in a kabbalah bracelet or a hamsa or any other amulet. It's found in the forgiveness of our sins, in the redemption that comes from the Saviour of the World, Y'shua, the Jewish messiah. Some call him Jesus Christ. Some Isa. However you call him, please, ... call him. Whoever calls on the Lord will be saved. That's his promise.

That's recorded in the prophet Joel. Joel 2.32 “And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the LORD will be delivered."


Roger Bourne said…
Is she friends with John Safron?
Bob said…
Hi Roger, I have no idea who is a friend of John Safran, but I'm glad to be counted as such, and I like him a lot. I'm sure I would like Kate, (or Zipporah) and Pru, too.

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