Bob New Orleans Benediction

In 1987, some 23 years ago now this month, I stood with arms outstretched and blessed people whom I didn't know. Oh, I knew Vinson and Bill and many on the committee. I knew many in the Jewish stream, but hey, there were tens of thousands of people in the SuperDome that night. And no, I didn't know them. But I was convinced that God wanted to bless them and that I could act as a priest and bless them. The crowd was hushed.

I chanted the benediction (From the Bible, Book of Numbers chapter 6, verses 24 and 25). And then I translated it into English. And then all heaven broke loose. The crowd was released. The band struck up some Hebrew sounding, Jewish minor-key songs of praise and the people and the leaders on the platform and folks all over the place acted blessed. They shouted 'Glory!' and God was glorified. That sounds like blessing fulfilled.

Now it's 23 years later. I'm living in Sydney, Australia. I read a book by Vinson Synan the other day. I don't keep up with Bill. And some of the Jewish folks from that Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization in New Orleans and I keep up, mostly on Facebook. And today I'm pondering blessing again. What is it when someone sneezes and folks around issue the command, "God bless you?"

Wikipedia says a blessing "(also used to refer to bestowing of such) is the infusion of something with holiness, divine will, or one's hope or approval." Hmmm, is that what you think of?

All up, I want to live a blessed life, and for you to experience that as well. Some soccer (futbol) players feel blessed when they in Spain beat Germany or Netherlands took out Uruguay. "I"d like to thank God who blessed us with victory..." Hmmm, not sure on that one.

When someone comes through for you, you might say, "What a blessing!" And I'm with you there.

So how to live a blessed life, and to pass that on. That's a key question and one I'd like you to answer, if you can take a minute to do so. Or ten minutes. That would seriously bless me.

Comments God is not good only when good happens so I am blessed all the time, even in the valleys of life..because I know Him, I can abide with Him...even through trials and yuck I am not alone. I am blessed because I know the holy One who sits on the matter what the circumstances of life. I am blessed because I am loved. The whole, "bless you" can certainly become religious when it really is so intimately personal. I'm thinking this has started some pondering for the day.
Roger Bourne said…
Bob there is nothing like being out in front and getting all them vibes but you know i heard a story once, the resurrected Y'shua was passing and with the first person he stopped and healed him, the next he shook hands, the next he touched on the arm and the next he walked straight past. Someone asked Him why did you walk straight past that man didn't he need a blessing too. Y'shua is reported to have said that that man knew that Y'shua didn't have to touch him for him to be eternally secure.

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