Showdown at The Lodge

Contest is the word of the day in Canberra. A showdown between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his deputy, Julia Gillard. This photo took place last September. Kevin made a friendly bet with Julia on a finals game between Kevin's Brisbane Lions and the Bulldogs. Julia's Bulldogs came through on the night and Kevin was true to his word wearing the Bulldogs tie on the following Monday.

What appears friendly and fun in those days of a few months ago has turned to her constant denials of interest in Rudd's job and now this morning, we are all waking up to the spill vote coming at 9 a.m. if Kevin even stands.

I'm not sure we're getting anything different except a change of gender and a partner rather than a wife in the Lodge. Julia voted with Kevin each and every controversial issue the last 2 and a half years and she's as deeply connected to unions as any Labor leader has been. She voted with him on Emissions trading schemes and on everything!

Kevin came into power in 2007 on the philosophy of 'change.' The problem with a philosophy of 'change' is that it's a steamroller that eventually rolls over the original changers. So will this spill roll over Julia? Time will tell.


Bob said…
The 27th Prime Minister is indeed Julia Gillard. She won without a ballot this morning. The decision is in.

Someone said this week that we may well have three prime ministers in Australia this year. They are 67% accurate so far.

Now we pray for our government led by a single woman, with a hairdresser partner, who voted with Kevin in Mining Taxes and every other way. God help Australia.

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