25 June 2010

David Statue in Italy

david statue
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Michelangelo sculpted this David. He also said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

Maybe that's why I have hope for people. Some only see blocks, and at that, big blocks of useless stone. Some others see money in the marble. But if you look deep enough, you can find a person of value, a person for whom Y'shua died, a person of concern to God, in the midst of all God's concerns.

You are like that David statue.

Originally this was only a block of stone. Only the eyes of faith and the eyes of the creator can see inside to the David who is there the whole time.

That's how you should feel about yourself. Some have a bad self-image and consider themselves a mistake of heaven, or an embarrassment to their family. But God knows who you are, and he made you. The Bible says 'you are fearfully and wonderfully made.' (Psalm 139)

Others have a bad self-image in that they think the world revolves around them. That's not healthy either. You were created; the Creator is the One around whom the world revolves. You are the satellite, not the planet. You are not the sun. Even so, God has a plan for you and compassion on you and wants to be in relationship with you. How good is that!?

Rest in his love and his care. Let him knock the extra baggage off. Let him remove the dross and chip away at the non-David stuff of your life. He wants to shape you and create you in his image. And to keep going until you are his, completely. Trust him. He will do this.

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Bob said...

Here's another David statue, also in Europe. I took them both. Original in Italy, of course, and this one in Marseille France near David Beach.