03 March 2010

Crossing Over...there's more.

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Every few months I get to take a trip, to one city or another country. This requires anticipation, preparation, motivation and any number of other long nouns. The idea is to finish my work in Sydney well enough so that I can leave it without regret, with mind forward looking to the next place. Check. That's the idea. It doesn't always work out that way.

Apprehension (oh, another long noun) often comes to play in my head. What if more things come into my 'in' tray before I leave? What if the plans I set up don't eventuate or the people and resources I put into the solution don't pan out? What if ...what if.... what if....

That's not going to help, will it? I build situations and set up action plans to solve them. Then contingencies to solve the odd 'what ifs'...ok, check, that's done.

Now I turn my attention to travel plans and then the reason for the travel as well. I mean (chicken notwithstanding), who goes to the other side, just, you know, to get to the other side? We go to do something, or to meet someone, or to experience whatever. It's not about the journey; it's about the other side. Check.

But sometimes I really do enjoy the bridge. I do like the layout. I like the positioning. I like the mode of transport. I do take time to smell the exhaust. (Plenty of that in Seoul, even across the Han River)

Life is a journey, they say. That means, it's about readying and about going and about arriving. All three. (Check)

So if your head is over here, on this side, in the pre-trip, ok, enjoy it, but there's more. If your head is over there, across the way, ok, enjoy it, but there's more. If your head is in the middle, in the neither/nor, there's more.

Life is about readying, and behaving, and about learning and working and playing. It's about the yesterdays that taught us, that embarrassed us, that warned us, that corrected us, that surprised and startled us. But wait, there's more.

Life is about the future, the endgame, the final buzzer, the Awards ceremony, the marriage, the heaven of it all. Check. But wait, there's more.

Life is about now. It's the moment you are reading this blog. It's about the time in traffic. It's about the things we do to get to the other side.

I love my life, and my wife and kids, my work, and my time off. I love the Lord Y'shua and his desire for all people to know him personally. I enjoy traveling, this week to Kansas City for a fortnight. I may even enjoy the plane ride. It's a day out of my life. 24 hours door to door. I hope the flight will be as calm as the Han River in the photo. But even if not, it's about preparation and readying and landing and working.

Getting from point A to point B is rarely only about the points, or the bridge, but it's all of it. There's more!

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