Country and Preferences

Tonight in Tamworth the party of the year let loose. Earlier presenters distributed the Golden Guitars, and country and western noteworthies enjoyed the night. The Country festival has been going for 8 days, and what a way to conclude.

Wait, you say, you aren't into country music. I understand. It doesn't seem right. Some say it's too much honky-tonk, it's too much sadness, it's too much the same.

Felicity Urquhart was awarded her first solo Golden Guitar as Female Artist of the Year. Troy Cassar-Daley walked away with a total of six Awards for his ARIA-Award-winning album, I Love this Place. The impressive win brings Troy’s cumulative total of Golden Guitar trophies to 20. Keith Urban won an award tonight and received it via video feed, maybe next year Keith will come along.

Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins sing Hillbilly Bone and get all kinds of uppity New Yorkers off their chairs. You really have to watch the video. It's a hoot. I think that's the way it is for me. Those boys weren't in Tamworth, but their influence is deep.

You see, I don't like opera and I don't like hip-hop (apologies to my son), but I can appreciate that there is good opera and good hip-hop and bad opera and bad hip-hop. What I like or don't like doesn't make something good or bad. There are mechanisms to evaluate music or art or drama, even country music, but your tastes are not the mechanisms. Nor are mine.

That said, maybe I can apply this lesson to religion. The mechanisms to evaluate religion and religious claims are not preferences. That I like a religion or don't doesn't really matter. Truth stands alone and must stand alone.

It would be good if your preferences line up with the religions which are right, and the truth claims which are right. So find out what's right, who is right, and then line up with Him. That's my recommendation. And hey, give country music another listen. You may just travel to Tamworth for January 2011.


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