10 March 2009

Empty shop

Empty shop
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Jews for Jesus began about 32 AD, give or take a year. So says our sign outside our NYC and San Fran offices. And what's a beginning? It's a chance to start over, to make things new, to create. This week another university (UNSW) began and with it, so many thoughts and hopes for many. But really each year begins like our book shop began some years ago. A tabula rasa, an empty tablet, ready to have things inscribed and filled in. A chance to make things new and to make a difference in the dark world in which we live.

Our shop is filled now with books and CDs and tshirts and shofars and mezuzahs and menorahs and so many wonderful things, but one day the shop will probably be empty again.

Sunday a pastor was killed in his church in the US, and we can but weep for the emptiness which will attend his family and church family for a while. I guess it's true what the Bible says that we start and end the same "ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

What do we do with our lives during the days? What do we do to fill in the room of our lives with stuff and clutter and invigoration and spirit? At the end of our lives, when things are done and dusted, what difference will we have made?

Good thoughts on an autumn afternoon here in Sydney. In some settings in Australia and New Zealand the leaves are changing colours and winter is peeking around the corner. Let's fill in our houses and stores and rooms and lives with meaning and meaningfulness.