End of an era....still singing

Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o'er the plain.

I like the chorus of "Gloria" in that Christmas carol. And I like the songs of the season. Maybe you do too.

But somebody sent me this link today and it reminded me of my old days, back in the early 1970s, singing at Full Faith Church of Love in Kansas City Kansas, with Brothers Ernie, Catron, and Tom Blasco and so many others, letting loose and thanking God. I imagined then that we were singing with angels. It was early charismatic days, the choruses abounded. The clapping was thunderous in the old building on South 42nd Street.

Were angels heard on high then? Were they singing sweetly o'er the plains of Kansas? Maybe, but the chorus lent itself to merriment and I liked things that way. Sung in the key of G, you know, high enough to make us sing louder.

Now Brother Ernie is doing so. He's singing with angels in heaven. This year, Nick Willems, Oral Roberts, Frances Hunter and Billy Joe Dougherty...and so many others joined him. And hundreds, no thousands of unnamed (to us) saints arose in glory and are singing with angels.

We'll be there in due course.

For now, keep singing!
Enjoy these clips from You Tube, if you can, imagine yourself, singing along with angels, and saints from all places, in God's choir in the sky.

Click on this link God's choir

or try this sample one on too, from London Welsh Male Voice Choir in 2008

sample only

Best wishes to all for a Merry Messiah-mas, celebrating quietly or thunderously, with ancient carols or cutesy country-licked choruses, the joy of the season. Shalom.


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