The Beijing Olympics came and went. 16 days of gold, silver, bronze. 2 weeks of tennis and swimming and diving and ping pong. Nations at war actually hugged after each race and contest. Nice to see. But unfortunately, it's over. Terminated. All done.

Down in Sydney, Colin is a memory now, the lost baby whale who found its way to Pittwater last week, and eventually was put down. The Australian newspaper reported, "The decision was made at a meeting of NSW Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) workers, scientists and representatives of other agencies after the calf's deteriorating health took a drastic turn for the worse.

Rescuers opted against making another attempt to shepherd the starving 4.5 metre whale calf into open water, the NPWS said.

The calf unexpectedly appeared on Sunday at The Basin, inside Sydney's Pittwater, and returned on Tuesday after being towed out to sea."

The country mourned the loss of the baby whale.

Meanwhile in Victoria "MPs will have a conscience vote on the bill, which, if passed, would remove abortion from the Crimes Act.

Under the legislation, introduced in (VIC) Parliament last week, women would be able to choose to have an abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Late-term abortions would be allowed if two doctors believe the termination to be appropriate on medical grounds and with regard to the woman's physical, psychological and social circumstances.

Women's Affairs Minister Maxine Morand also said that there was no link between the abortion rate and the restrictiveness of abortion laws." (The Age)

Wow, the nation as one cared about a whale, but the Brumby government thinks abortion on demand, well, it's ok. Abort...doesn't that mean to stop something? Terminate...doesn't that mean to end something? So what are the termination services really providing? An end of a life? End of the choice of the baby?

We care about Colin...let's care about all the babies in Victoria and beyond, and give voice to abortion causes, and stand for life.


Anonymous said…
Anti abortion? you are antiwoman, arent you?

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