13 May 2008

Shame on the Libs

Shame in the Camp

According to the Australian newspaper just a few hours ago, and their writer, Rick Wallace, Victorian political reporter

"ANOTHER senior Victorian Liberal has quit after being caught sending anti-Semitic emails as the crisis in the state opposition deepens.

Wallace reports, "Liberal campaign director Susan Chandler apologised for referring to a federal Liberal candidate as a “greedy f...ing jew” but has left her job at the party's Melbourne headquarters.

State president David Kemp said today she had the option of quitting or being sacked.

In an email to Liberal staffer John Osborn, Ms Chandler referred to candidate Adam Held as a “greedy f...ing Jew” after he asked for more campaign material during last year's federal election. Ms Chandler released a statement this afternoon saying she had many Jewish friends and was not anti-Semitic. “My comments were completely out of character and were made on the spur of the moment in an email during a difficult period of the election campaign,” she said.""

My thoughts? What I've learned is that people in the heat of moments say exactly what they think. We are like tea bags, and what comes out when people are put into hot water, demonstrates who they are and what is inside them. It's impossible to hide.

I'm sure Ms Chandler had some friendships with Jewish people and used such friendships in advancing her now-terminated political maneuvering.

Let the Liberals sort out their disarray, and I'm sure they will do so. But Ms Chandler needs to repent of hatred, needs to admit her true feelings and let God forgive her of this most obvious sin.

And isn't it good to know God wants to forgive us and give us new hearts? The Bible is rife with such statements. And really that's what comes out if we could put God 'into hot water.' What he is made of is love. What he is made of is hope for true internal change in us. And he will forgive the most wretched of sinners, and the 'best' of us.

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