Road rage

Yesterday was a bad day for my new friend Ed. He hurried to his doctor appointment in the morning and as a result was late for work. He wanted to tell me that, but he lost his mobile phone. And he couldn't hear it ring, as it has a flat battery, so he can't even help himself to find it. Oy.

So he comes to work at the shop and parks behind me. No problem there. I get ready to leave a little early because I have to speak last night at a church meeting. So Ed comes down with me to move his car. Simple, right? Except he has left his lights on and now his car battery is dead. Double oy!

OK, so he puts his car into neutral, eases back down the slight hill of a driveway we have. I back out next to him and park, so I can use my jumper cables. This won't take long.

We put the cables onto each car, and the jump start is successful, but Ed's car doesn't want to hold the charge, nor keep running unless he keeps his foot on the accelerator. Oy, oy, oy.

We are making a quick determination about staying or leaving the office, when a woman approaches in her vehicle. Seems I'm parked a bit in her very oversized driveway into the megatower apartment block immediately behind our shop. She can (and does) negotiate her way into the driveway, uses her electric key to enter the property and drives away. Should be no trouble, right?

Except this woman rages against me for blocking her path. She obviously isn't happy. Maybe her Lexus is giving her trouble like Ed's car was giving him? Maybe she had a bad day at work or at the health spa? Maybe something else is going wrong with her. But she yelled at me! Could she not see the jumper cables? Could she not see we were trying to start Ed's car? Did she really think I wanted to park along the path/street and not in my spot a mere 15 feet in front of me?

Yes, I should have been quick to say "I'm sorry for blocking a bit of your drive." But I was a little busy with the jump.

Lesson to self: Be quick to fix other people's problems and never, never, never get in the way of a road-raging woman in a black Lexus in Bondi. And if you do, be very quick to apologize for the inconvenience. (That I could have really done, and should have said so to her. )

BTW, the photo is not of the woman. Don't try to iris scan and find her.


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