Which direction are we going?

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There must be 20 signs (although tomorrow I will count them) in the Eastern Distributor, in the tunnel, under the Domain in Sydney's east. Each one is very readable (I shot this whilst travelling at 70 km per hour, so some necessary adjustments had to be made. And every 40 metres, there's another sign. "North/ South" with appropriate indicating arrow.

Now there's really no chance of going the other way, once you are in the tunnel. It's not like they want to offer us choice. It's that we are going south and, well, that's it. So what's the point of the signage? I'll have to ask someone from the Transport ministry, which is something for which a subcommittee will have to be convened, no doubt.

One sign, that might make sense. Two signs, ok, for those who missed the first. But 20 signs?

Can you change directions anyway? Outside the tunnel, there are choices, to be sure. And one of the reasons I do what I do, in telling people about Jesus, is to help them change in His direction. He has signs up in our lives.."One way" and "Yield" and such to help us find Him and to go His way.

But redundancy...that's another matter.


Bob said…
When I remembered, today I counted 72 such signs in the tunnel under the Harbour..amazing. And only in that tunnel (so far)
Bob said…
I recounted today...it's 74
Bob said…
Now there are signs on the northbound lanes also. Oy... someone is making a killing on decals!

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