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Zach Johnson, an unlikely winner of the Masters, uses a blade putter similar to his 'hero' Payne Stewart. In fact, when he was asked about the victory Zach similarly attributed credit to Jesus, as Stewart did in his day. Goodonya Zach for such a testimony and for such a victory over the likes of Tiger Woods and Vijah Singh.


Clive said…
zI'm always excited to see celebrities affirm their Christian faith. I'm a bit less enthused with their attributing their 'success' to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or God the Father. Why? It sounds so 'godly'.
Well I wonder if it is. God is interested in the last, not the first, the obscure, not the prominent. His ways are not our ways, and he looks inside, not outside.
I certainly don't like seeing my God who emptied himself in Jesus being made the token of frivolous success. What would really impress me is if Christian celebs said something like: 'this victory/award/honour is gratifying and I'm thrilled by it; but what I'm really more interested in is growing as a Christian: learning to be humble and kind in all my relationships, and to be able to be self effacing with everyone I meet; ultimately, to be happy to put success in life to one side, and share what I have been given with those who have not.
Bob said…
Hi Clive,
I understand your comment and think you might just be onto something. Thanks for sharing.


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