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Full moons were the way the Jewish people counted days of the month. In only two months from now (from Shevat to Nisan) we will celebrate Passover. If you live near Sydney, or want to join us during that time, we will conduct our annual Passover banquet on the Wednesday of Passover, 4th of April in Randwick at the Town Hall. Reservations are required. Ring 9388. 0559 in Sydney to book in.

Nature teaches us many things, not only dates. Look how bright the moon looks, although it has no natural light of its own. All that we are seeing is a reflection of the sun onto the surface of the moon.

Similarly the Tasman Sea is reflecting the beauty of the full moon, but it has no light of its own.

God calls us to reflect His nature and to reflect His glory. What a miracle and what beauty that is. When you see the beauty of a person, the glory of their Creator is what you are seeing. And He is worthy of all praise, amen?


Armen said…
Just surfed in. May the Lord bless your efforts in evangelism. I am now labouring in Port Lincoln S.A.
Rabbi Eli Cohen said…
Do you accept the Rabbinic Tradition of calculating the Jewish Calendar? Interesting. Festivals such as Passover are Biblical but it seems as though you need the Rabbis to determine when to keep them.
Bob said…
Hi Armen... glad to meet you in the surf on the surf. When you say Labouring, do you mean working for the Lord?

If you don't yet receive our newslettter, let me know and I'll get it for you. Email me on


Bob said…
Looking at the sky tells me the fullness of the moon is clearly there. What that has to do with rabbinic authority is less visible. God said, '15th' of the month and that's the full moon. So, I didn't need a rabbi to tell me that.
Rabbi Eli Cohen said…

Did you get my last post? I sent it on Monday.
Anonymous said…
what's the deal with asking bob if he got an email. who cares.

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