05 February 2007

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Aaron Baddeley.jpg
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This is the season of the award shows. Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and soon the Academy Awards. "I'd like to thank my manager and my wife and my other co-actors and..."

Last night when the Colts won, the owner Jim Irsay, and head coach Tony Dungy both thanked God on national television for God's help in the victory. To be fair, Dungy merely thanked God for the energy to play the game.

I don't see a problem is proclaiming one's faith on national TV. It's not like they are trying to convert people; they were just proclaiming their faith.

Earlier in the day Australian Aaron Baddeley won the golf championship in Phoenix Arizona, the FBR. He too thanked God and gave Him the credit for strengthening him to succeed in Scottsdale.

Of course, the bloggers are having a go at any religionist, but why not thank God. Why not thank God for strength and courage? Why not thank someone far outside yourself for all the things He has done for you? It couldn't hurt.

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