04 June 2006

Global Warming

Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports, "Doctors should take the lead in Australia's fight against global warming by informing the nation about the health consequences of climate change, a new report urges.

Climate change is now widely acknowledged as the greatest environmental threat that human civilisation faces.

Epidemiologist Rosalie Woodruff, from the Australian National University, said if global average temperatures increased above two degrees, agricultural yields would fail, several billion people would experience increased water stress and hundreds of millions of others may go hungry."

Today is also Pentecost as last weekend we celebrated Shavuot in the Jewish calendar. It's a day when we remember the fire and the wind and the voice from heaven as the Jewish people (Hebrews) received the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible). In Exodus 19 we read of the thunder and the storm and the wind and fire which accompanied this revelation.

And then many in the Christian church discuss their version of Pentecost (same holiday, just another language) in which flames of fire landed on each of the 120 disciples who were gathered in the hall in Jerusalem 7 weeks after Jesus died and rose again.

Fire is a central theme in each holiday, accompanying the reception of the Torah, or in the case of the church, the Holy Spirit.

And fire will warm things up a bit in the globe. And in our world, for sure.

When Y'shua received the Holy Spirit in his water baptism by John the Baptist, a dove came to alight on him. And that was a representative of the Holy Spirit.

Why dove for him and fire for us? He needed no cleansing, but we did. And we do.

The cleansing of the Almighty is available for us, if we will turn our hearts to him, receive his word in our hearts, and be born again.

I need my global warming; how about you?