Jackie Mason...a Jew for Jesus?

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency today:
Jews for Jesus apologized to Jewish comedian Jackie Mason in order to settle a lawsuit.

The group had distributed a pamphlet over the summer that featured a caricature of Mason and the words: “Jackie Mason ... A Jew for Jesus!?”

Mason, who is not a Jew for Jesus, sued for $2 million.

In federal court Tuesday, Mason accepted an apology instead, along with a promise from Jews for Jesus not to distribute the pamphlet again.

Afterward, Mason told reporters outside the courthouse that the apology acknowledged that “You can’t be a table and a chair. You’re either a Jew or a gentile.”

David Brickner, Jews for Jesus’ executive director, responded, “We wanted you to think about it because” Jesus is “the best Jew that ever lived.”

Mason shot back, “Jesus didn’t believe in Judaism; that’s the reason he became a Christian.”

OK. Mr Mason, I get it, you don't really have a clue about who Jesus was and that he rose from the dead, not to found a new religion, but ok, you don't get it. That's fair enough.

But maybe someone else might.

And maybe they will understand that Jesus is the best Jew who ever lived, and he's not looking for an audience to cheer him on, but rather people with humble hearts who want to listen to his passion and compassion for all people, Jews and nonJews.

I'm glad the US folks in Jews for Jesus apologized and withdrew the flyer from its street campaigning. But God didn't withdraw his love for Jackie Mason nor his invitation for Jackie to consider the issue for himself. A really big man will do just that.

God be with him and with those who read this.


notElon said…
Look if you called me a Jew for Jesus, I would make your life a living hell. Why can't Jackie Mason do the same? If you libel someone, they have a right to sue you for it.

And he has a point. There is no such thing as a Jew for Jesus. Most Jews for Jesus are in fact Christians, who celeebrate Christian Holidays and keep Christian traditions. Jewish tradition does indeed strictly firbid the worship of Jesus. The fact that people might seee the pamphlet and convert to Christianity, is not something for Jackie Mason to be proud of, but something for him to be concerned about.

I take it you are a Christian, and want the whole world to be Christian, but Mason is a Jew, and he has a right to be able to practice his religion without people using his likeness to convert other Jews.
Anonymous said…
I wonder how Christians would react if the Jews started an organization called "Jesus for Jews, not Christianity". If Jews starting spreading an alternative Christian Truth which says that Jesus never wanted to start another religon and would be rolling over in Hell if he saw what anguish your causing his soul today. If they went around and told christians they are being misled by a false religon under false pretenses where common sense doesn't exist (babies go to hell if they don't accept jesus).

I don't think the Christians would be very impressed or take it lightly if they printed false publications stating that a leading christian figure is behind the movement.

Jews for Jews and Christian for Christians. Repsect other peoples religons and the world will be a better place.


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