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Parties are one thing, but celebrating 30 years of marriage is quite another. We were in our 20s when we wed in Kansas City in 1977, and now we are on the verge of remembering 30 years (on 1 January). My wife is a noble and wonderful woman, full of grace and love. And I'm not interested in only a party, but in thanking God for his power to keep us and to keep His name on our lips.

So really I'm honoring God on this 30th Anniversary for He is worthy of our praise.


Anonymous said…
Dear Bob and Patty,
Just wanted to congratulae you on your 30th wedding anniversary. I am a christian widow who heard about Jews for Jesus on the televion today on Face to Face ACCTV..I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary on the 8th of May this year with my beloved christian husband.Little did I know that less than a month later the Lord would take him home to Glory after a surfing accident at the beach.Treasure your time together.My husband and I have a special love for Israel and the Jews knowing they are Gods special people we are involved with a christian organisation called Operation Ebenezer a charity assisting Jews to return to the land of their fathers.Shalom and gods blessing upon your special day.
Bob said…
Wow, sister. What a story. Thanks for sharing it with us (all). Today we were on TV? Was it Rahel from Israel? I saw that show some time ago, like a year ago, when it was filmed. If you want to hear from us regularly, just send an email to and sign on to our newsletter list. It's worthwhile, ok?

May God help you through this first Christmas without your husband.

Patty is even more beautiful than she was thirty years ago, and I DO remember her! As for you . . . well.

God has been better than good to you.

Please give my regards and my shouts of acclamation to your excellent wife.


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