07 November 2006

Melbourne Cup

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The Race that stops a nation

Today in Melbourne is the Cup, the Melbourne Cup, the Race that Stops the nation. Three-year-old Efficient is out of the race, after winning the Derby on Saturday, and would have been the first horse since 1941 to win the double. Alas.

Other horses are cueing up to win today's race. And tipping is rampant and so is hat purchasing. The ladies dress to the nines and the folks at Flemington have more excuses to drink and gamble than usual.

I won't be watching the race; I'll be working at my office. Horses running in an oval, well, although it's exciting to be there, and probably would be exciting to win money from other gamblers if your horse wins, but I've got better things to do. Like praying and reading my Bible and writing friends about the love of God.

You see, 2000 years ago a man died. It didn't stop any nation. Most barely noticed. He had been a fairly charismatic preacher and hundreds and at times thousands had followed him. Some even tipped him to be the Messiah.

But the crucifixion of Jesus was heart stopping only for one person. Jesus himself. A few noticed like his mother Mary and a Roman soldier nearby, but his own followers ran away.

Then three days later he rose from the dead. That was remarkable. That was life-changing, For any who trust Him, for any who recognize Him as Messiah..For you.

It will take only a minute to read about this, but if you let your life stop long enough to consider this.. if might be eternally significant. Certainly moreso that today's Cup winner.


Anonymous said...

who cares about horses. aren't you a religios group?

Bob said...

Dear anonymous,
Of course, we are a religious group and we love horses since God made them, but had you finished reading my commentary you would have seen that running horses is nothing compared to the incomparable love of God in Jesus.

Keep reading on the blog, and maybe you will find other things with which you agree. OK?