04 October 2006

Is peace possible (School shootings, hijacking)

With shootings in the schools in the US, and terrorists hijacking planes in Turkey, with the Iraq war ongoing and continued trouble between Fatah and Hamas in Palestine....will there really be peace, ever in the planet?

They say the last time there was 'no war' was in 1837.

That's almost 200 years ago, and I wonder if there was simply a lack of reporting of hostilities that year.

But when will peace come? When will people really be safe in their schools or homes or airplanes?

I believe it's when the Messiah, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, returns to the earth. Prince means governor, leader, commander, boss. He's the one in charge of true peace and all other treaties of peace and good wishes are all well and good, but fall short.

Only when Jesus returns will there be true peace on the earth. Won't that be an awesome day?

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