Shlomi and a European Jewess

Shlomi and a European Jewess
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Some European Jewish lady has written me on her comments on my Flickr site saying this photo saddens her. She said that we should respect each other's beliefs and not try to 'lead someone to' another belief. That's always an interesting perspective, but I think a bit naive. If we find a good restaurant and want others to enjoy the food there, it doesn't matter if the person is an owner of another restaurant. What matters is finding good food and sharing it with others.

I believe Jesus is the Jewish messiah and I share that unashamedly with others. And so does Shlomi here from Israel and with us in Melbourne for a few weeks. Isn't God good? Isn't he worth sharing with others? No matter what people think or how they try to dissuade.

I'm respectful of other people and that they believe, but that doesn't mean I 'respect' every religion out there. Some are just dead wrong. And others have wrong in them. Respect for people, yes, absolutely. But agreement with their religion or politics or lifestyle or choices or ... that's silly. Respect is right; agreement is not required.

Truth is what matters and Jesus claimed to be just that.


Justin said…
A very interesting correspondence over at Flickr.

This raises all the questions that you must deal with all the time, Bob. How are the Jewish Scriptures fulfilled in the writings of Galilean fisherman? What is the connection between the Torah and Jesus? In what sense has 'peace' come? Did Jesus rebuild the temple? Etc.

Clearly, Jewish people in the 1st century could make the connection. They said that the writings and the Torah and the prophets wrote about Jesus. And you have made the connection (in 1971).

I thought that Ashira was a humble correspondent. But ironically, she would like you to change at least one of your beliefs -- that it is valid that we share our faith in Jesus.
Anonymous said…
I and my family converted to Judaism many many years ago and I have had not one moment of regret.
When I attended our Rosh Hashana service last Saturday I was overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness, peace and contentment. I was at one with a beautiful group of people with whom we have shared so many years of community, commitment and inspriation.
For me an mine Judaism is so perfect. How any Jew could leave this wonderful, inspiring group of people and its long history is beyond me. Believe me, you have left it. You are welcome to believe whatever you wish in our wonderful democracy, but face reality - you are now no longer Jewish, you are Christian. That's o.k. but please be honest with yourselves.
Judaism is much more than a religion, it is Am Israel and Jewish people must be at one with Am Israel. For us there is one G-D and no mediator.
Mitch said…
yeah, fascinating that its ok for people to try to stop christians from sharing yeshua, but not ok for bob to share yeshua with them.

Bob said…
You are right about controversy being apparent here at Flickr. God made the connection between Old and New when He spoke from heaven at Jesus' baptism, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

This is a reference to Isaiah's words and thus completes the circle from Old to New. It's not our idea, it's not Christians' ideas; it's God's idea.

So anyone who dismisses Jesus...well they are dismissing the words of the Lord and ...that's not a place we want to be.

Deuteronomy 18 warns us that if we do NOT listen to the prophet who will come (Jesus), that God will require it of him.

May we (all) be humble and listen to Jesus and live in God's pleasure.

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