10 April 2006

Book of Judas

I'm currently reading the information on the National Geographic website and the codex on the Gospel of Judas. It's certainly fascinating, and I haven't seen this much positioning since the movie, "The Passion of the Christ" came out a couple years ago. People already have their minds made up before they read or hear anything. I'm amazed.

Well, I'm a reader and so I want to know what all the hubub is about. In a couple days I'll have most of my thoughts worked out, but for now, let's all be humble, let's be glad about new information, albeit from a gnostic source in the 3rd of 4th century, but still ancient information. And let's see what the relevance is for us, in due course.

I'm reading more on the New York Times website also and should have my 'head wrapped around this' in a couple days.

At least I hope so. And at least the world is stopping for a moment and considering the issues of the First Century, the issues surrounding the Jewish sect of followers of Jesus, who claimed to be the Messiah and the Saviour of the world. And what role did Judas (the Grecified version of "Judah") have in this salvation?

That remains to broadcast. But for now, we will broadcast what we know to be the Truth: Jesus is the Messiah and Lord of all.


Bob said...

Herb Klosser is interviewed in NPR (National Public Radio) about his take on the book. He is a journalist. This from 11 April 2006.

He explains it click here in this story.

Mitch said...

Here's some excerpts of the Gospel of Judas from the official National Geographic Society website.

Click on
the link
to download the pdf file and then read it at your leisure.


Bob said...

Now that I've read the actual translated document I find it unhelpful about the real Jesus. I find it full of gnostic allusions and references to mystery religion sequencing. It 's hard to imagine that any biblical scholars will really take it seriously as a 'candidate' for biblical inclusion.

The book has heaps of holes of course, as most early find documents do, but what they have collecte will not mean much to true biblical students.

Susie said...

you guys are nuts. this is just another excuse you make why your god is right and ours is wrong.

lou hoechstetter said...

Greetings from Kansas City. We love you. Lou Hoechstetter and Sarah Mendelsohn

Bob said...

Hi Lou and Sarah... glad you found this blog spot and hope you have a mild rest of summer in KC. Book of Judas is not even much of a good read, compared to Sidney Sheldon, but it does raise some questions.
They, I believe, are easily answered, but the questions about the authority of the New Testament documents make good fodder for discussion.