Look who's talking!

The Muslim clerics are now speaking.

Only an official apology by the Danish government to all Muslims for offence caused by the prophet Mohammad cartoons will prompt the lifting of the boycott of Danish goods, Muslim preachers say.

An official apology "is absolutely necessary ... because your government has not dealt with them (Muslims) respectfully," Islamic scholar Tareq al-Suweidan told a conference hosted by the government in an attempt to ease tension over the drawings.

The cartoons, first printed by a Danish paper last year and later reprinted elsewhere, provoked a storm of protests among Muslims, attacks on three Danish embassies and a boycott of Danish goods in some countries that has hit dairy exports.

If there is no apology, "the scholars of Islam and myself ... I am running an Islamic satellite TV channel, we will encourage people to continue the boycott," Suweidan said.

Wow, the clerics are all up at arms. Like Muslims need another excuse to raise arms. Did the clerics speak such against the Madrid bombers, against the Bali bombers, against the Cole destroyers, against the 9/11 folks?

I saw a cartoon showing the evil of all the bombings the last decade, frame by frame, and the last was a cartoon, and THEN the clerics were upset. So this today is no surprise.

Let's be of one voice against evil, but not against a cartoon. Let's be upset about deaths and murders and violence, but let's let free speech have its sound effect. Shame on the clerics for their silence worldwide, and let's see some good out of 'one voice' decrying of evil in the midst.


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