02 December 2005

Van Nguyen hanging

I am in Singapore as I write this. All day yesterday I thought of this sentenced man. He was 24 or so, and guilty as charged of trafficking drugs. He was caught in Changi Airport and was put in Changi prison. He was hanged this morning at 6 a.m. I rang the jail yesterday; may I see him? May I come to pray with him? The authorities would not allow it; I could write if I wanted, so I did. And all night I hoped they would ring my hotel and ask me to come, maybe Van would ask for me to come.

But he didn't and they didn't. And now he's dead.

Each of us will die, most less publically and with much less publicity than Van. Will you be ready to meet your Creator? Will you look forward to that day today?

Bob Mendelsohn Sydney

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rest said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to meeting my Creator. Everyday I hope that today will be that day.