29 December 2005

New Year in 2006

Another chance to start over. I used to love getting my two #2 pencils and going to school. A fresh start. I used to enjoy New Year's Eve and the chill in the air (in the North) and wondering what a new year would bring. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year and it happens in the Sept/Oct period, and like the rest, brings a sense of wonder and possibilities.

What then will 2006 bring, what will 1 January ring in for us as a world, and in my world?

Peace between peoples and nations will continue to be the #1 concern, with technologies competing for abilities to bring peace and medical ease, at the same time bringing better war machines into operation. But bottom line, people want to know how to get along in this broken world.

Terrorism will only increase no matter how much war is waged. It's almost impossible to fight an 'ism' with a bomb.

I believe that the only answer to war is not another peace demonstration, but the demonstration of God's love in the death and resurrection of His Messiah Y'shua. He died for us, took our place that we might not experience the 2nd death of separation from the Almighty. What love! And what peace ensues to those who trust Him to remove our war, our enmity, our hostility between us and God. And our war with others. And within ourselves.

Only God can calm our fears and our hatred.

May your 2006 bring you much joy and peace in believing, and in personal relationships. And real answers when the world is really asking questions.

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