02 December 2005

December Dilemma

What will you do this December? Will you celebrate a Jewish holiday like Hanukkah? Like Christmas? Or nothing or all of them? I love the holidays... remember what God did in sending His Son to die for us. That's what Christmas (maybe we should call it Messiah-mas) is all about.

Bob Mendelsohn


gentilesheep said...

Maybe we shouldn't call it Christmas or Messiah-mas.

The word "Christmas" comes from two old words: Christes maesse. It means, "the Mass of Christ." This comes from the Catholic Mass, that practice where the priest re-offers the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross during the time of Communion.

Susie said...

i'm not into christmas at all, being jewish. not sure why the people at jfj think its ok to celebrate this either

Bob said...

Christmas is the common term for this holiday which our TV channels cover with Christmas in the Domain and Carols by Candlelight and such. Even as I type!

There are heaps of traditions which highlight good things for us all. And we love to celebrate, but if you want to toss them out, fair enough.

Enjoy the season and the reason for the season, Y'shua.

anne said...

Christmas is kewl. It's a good time for my family to give gifts and lots of gifts to me. Oh, sure, it's about Jesus too, and he's great and all. We go to church and my brother ansd sister come to the house and we have a good meal. Wow Mom goes all out!