14 December 2005

Cronulla Riots

Cronulla Riots: Consider This

We are citizens of Sydney and committed to the peace and freedom that we enjoy in our city. As leaders in a number of religious communities within the city, some have looked to us for spiritual guidance in the wake of the racial and cultural tensions that have erupted on our beaches.

We believe that the overwhelming majority of Australians deplore violence, especially racial and religious violence. Most of us want to give each other a ‘fair go’, and most of our ethnic minorities are composed of fair-minded Australians.

We believe that Christmas is a time in our national calendar for giving and for peace with God and one another. We want our neighbours to know and experience this spirit of giving and peace.

We believe that Jesus was a Middle-Eastern man who was called the “Prince of Peace”. He wants all people to know the peace that He gives. Jesus Christ promises us a new identity that transcends our racial and religious backgrounds and enables us to share with others from every race His love and compassion.

As a man of Middle-Eastern appearance, Jesus could have easily suffered violence in these last few days in Sydney, even as His family fled violence at the time of His birth. As Christians we believe that the violence done to Him, especially on a Roman cross, was God’s plan to redeem all of us from the hate and the violence that can erupt in every human heart.

The only hope for true peace was born in the Middle East. Christmas reminds us that it was a Middle Eastern man, Jesus the Messiah, who holds the key to resolving the strife that bedevils our world.

May we all experience a very blessed and peace-filled Christmas.

Bob Mendelsohn
National Director
Jews for Jesus

Dr Peter Barnes,
Lecturer in Church History
Presbyterian Theological Centre

David Thomas,
Beachside Vineyard Christian Fellowship

The Rt Rev Bruce Christian
Former Moderator General
Presbyterian Church of Australia

The Rev Peter Hastie
Ashfield Presbyterian Church
Editor, Australian Presbyterian

The Rev Richard Humphrey
Senior Pastor
St Andrew's Anglican Church, Cronulla

Rev Neil Dawson
Senior Pastor
Thornleigh Community Baptist Church

Rev Andy Arthurs
Senior pastor,
Forest Alliance Church
Frenchs Forest

The Rev Nello Barbieri
Minister of Riverwood Presbyterian Church
Australian born Italian

The Rev Ian Millican
Senior Minister
St Mark's Anglican Church, Berowra

The Rev David Milne
Liverpool South Anglican Church

Rev Martin Lau
Senior Pastor, Sydney Chinese Alliance Church
Chair, Alliance College of Australia

More are signing on as we read this... Stay tuned.

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Bob said...

Actually about 45 pastors signed on to the press release. To see the whole list press here