25 September 2005

Taking heed to warnings

Hurricanes have come and gone in the US this last month. Any big differences? Certainly the 'direct' hit on New Orleans by Katrina is different than the hit on no city by Rita. And the category number was a bit lower in Rita. But think about how folks responded earlier to Rita. Think about how some evacuated Houston and Galveston and other areas days before the landing and sea swelling. What caused the difference?

Maybe when we see blue skies and only a bit of weather forecast, we deem it unlikely that a hurricane or a tornado or a storm or anything will land on us or crush us or even slow us down. Perhaps the reality of Katrina caused people to re-consider when the same blue skies overlooked Houston and Galveston. And they this time, listened to the weathermen. And this time no one was killed, compared to the 1,000 of Katrina's murdering ways.

So what will it take for you to listen to the warnings I issue about eternity? What will it take when skies are blue and things are going your way, and you don't believe there is an eternity out there, or that you have anything to worry about?

God's justice is real and if we don't turn from our sins and accept Y'shua as our Messiah, we are in trouble. We are destined for punishment and pain. We are going to be stuck in the 9th Ward of no-man's land and that's not a good place.

Give God a humble listen. Accept God's Messiah Y'shua. Be born again to a living hope. Nothing else will matter. In eternity, whenever that starts, or today.


geoffrobinson said...

Luke 13:1-5

Calamaties are warnings of those nature as well.

Bob said...

You are right, of course, Geoffrey, that when we are touched, we notice something is different, and thus take a new awareness. Only when we look up, do we really identify what God is trying to say to us. Does He want to get our attention just now?

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