11 June 2005

JFJ Rapper?

50 shekel is a nickname of a world-famous Jewish rapper. The rabbis are warning people not to listen to him anymore. Not because of rap music. but because of his faith. Weird, eh? Rabbis on thought-police patrol. Seems bizarre to me. for full story see JFJ website on Rapper

He lives in the US.


Mitch said...

i'm not very interested in rap music, but i find this bold stance very good.

Susie said...

what are you nuts? who wants to listen to a man rapping about your god, when you hav ethe false god at that. leave jews alone and we will leave you alone.

Bob said...

Wow, you guys go silent for days and then both pop in at the same time. I'm proud of your attention to our blog site and your comments are worthwhile. Susie, what do you mean 'we will leave you alone."? Are you suggesting that you are responsible for some troubles around?

And Mitch, I'm not too keen on rap either, but what a great thing that this young Jewish man is boldly standing for Y'shua. Goodonya, both.

Susie said...

i'm watching you all thetime. no, we dont do trouble to others. that's what other religions do liek the crusades.didn't you have anything to do with those. i saw the movie on it kingdom of heaven. i don't think it was accurate about jewish history