18 May 2005

Mary, Nice Jewish girl or Queen of Heaven?

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article, trumpeting the agreement between Catholics and Anglicans, calling Mary, "not a Saviour." Well, that's good to know! The report does say, however, "an international ecumenical body has reached a historic agreement about the role of Mary, Mother of Jesus: she is the Lord's handmaiden and sinless, but not the source of eternal salvation."

Wait a minute, whoa cowboy! Who thought this 'sinless' thing up? Who said Mary was "sinless?"

"The committee of 18 bishops, clergy, religious and laypeople from 10 countries" says the article.

Oh, I see, but did anyone ask a Jewish believer? Of course, we are very proud of Mary. She was a nice Jewish girl, destined to lead a quiet and peacable life in Israel in those days. She was a woman of noble and historic heritage, from the tribe of Judah, but 'sinless?' I don't think so.

"The committee says certain papal teachings governing the Assumption - Mary's ascension to heaven "body and soul" - and the Immaculate Conception - Mary's state of original sinlessness - can be seen as consistent with scriptural teachings."

What a bunch of narishkeit! Somewhere along the line, there is impurity. Now I understand that these 18 people are trying to determine how Jesus could be sinless, and pure even though there is shmutz somewhere back in his ancestry.

I guess they are trying to sort out the Incarnation. This is the tenet that Christians believe that God became human in the person of Y'shua. So what to do with sin, and a sinless Saviour like Y'shua. How did he come to be 'pure?' Problem is they have to figure out how a sinful person like Anne, the grandmother of Y'shua had a pure child, like Miriam. See, somewhere back in the pack is someone who is not sinless, someone with sin. Sin is the real problem for these 18, for the multitudes, for Miriam, for you and for me. Sin is a disease that has crippled millions throughout the world. And it's to deliver us all from sin that Y'shua came into the world. (Daniel 9.24, John 3.16)

He died for our sins, to remove the shmutz and to give us eternal life. No need for a female Saviour, no queen to take a message to the King on our behalf. We have access to the Father now; he loves us and sent Y'shua to sort out the sin problem. Thanks be to God for Y'shua. No substitute necessary.

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Susie said...

so i'm confused. mary is a catholic or ananglican or what. i thought she converted from a jew to catholic. am i wrong?

Bob said...

Yes, Susie, you are a bit wrong on this one. Mary was always "Miriam" and was never a Catholic or Protestant. She lived and died as a Jewess. No conversion for her, amen!