28 May 2005

Love that country music!

Can you hear this?

Thank God I'm a Jewish boy.


Susie said...

come on jewsforjesus doesn't make any sense. i'm not religious, but curious... what makes you guys tick. who pays your salaries. are you like thos religious guys on tv who scam the people they preach at

Bob said...

Jews for Jesus is not on TV and no, we don't scam people out of funds. We offer the good news about Y'shua free of charge. We send Bibles to enquirers free and today I gave a video to an Israeli.

Our salaries are paid by the organization and moneys are sent in by generous friends of the ministry who are Christians.

Susie said...

i dont believe you that you are jews anyway. you could be gentils pretending to be jews. probably thats it.