28 May 2005

Corby in Indonesia

What do you think about Schapelle Corby, the 27 year old Aussie who was convicted of drug smuggling? Is 20 years right for her sentence? Should she have gotten off free?

Of course, you have to think like a person who runs his own country. You have to think as an Indonesian, and as a judge, looking at court evidence. You cannot think as a private citizen. You cannot be mindless of the drug cartels and the hundreds or thousands of deaths every year in Indonesia caused by drugs.

Can you think outside your own box?



Susie said...

what do you mean think outside your own box. are you telling us that corby was a jew for jesus. i don't think so. anyway. she didn't get a fair trial i don't think.

Bob said...

Whether Ms Corby got a fair trial, I wouldn't know. Sorry.

And no, I'm not saying that Ms Corby is a Jew for Jesus. I want people to think about eternal things, and what would you do if... kind of situations. What if you were on holiday and someone stuffed some things in your bag... how would you feel, etc. Good plans, eh?

Have a great day Susie.