New Zealand Jews for Jesus

Bob Mendelsohn, national director of Jews for Jesus, will be speaking in New Zealand, South Island, from 1-8 May . All information is on the JFJ Aussie website. (or will be this afternoon). . Christ Church Apostolic, Rangiora Baptist, Faith Family Centre, Timaru Trinity Assembly (AOG), Central Baptist in Invercargill, Gore New LIfe, Ashburton Baptist, among others. Bring a (Jewish) friend, or come along yourself to hear this once in a few years opportunity. Messianic resources like books and videos are available too.


Susie said…
are there any jews who you converted in new z
Bob said…
We don't convert people, but I understand what you mean. Yes, there are Jewish people who (are still Jews and who) believe in Jesus in NZ. I'm going today to visit with many of them, and to preach in many churches. See Speaker Dates for the whole list.
Bob said…
I'm in NZ now and having a great time travelling and preaching and learning about Kiwi culture.
tonight Gore New LIfe church, tomorrow Ashburton Baptist... and this weekend in Christchurch.

Did a radio show this morning in Invercargill. Quite fun. Hey this city is the southernmost city in the world. Beaut.
Mitch said…
Hey, how did your trip in new zealand go? Any Jews come to your meetings and are you going anywhere else soon?
Susie said…
come on mitchie. what kind of nonsense is this. jews wouldnt come to the crazy business of jews for jesus. you people are nuts. real jews even in new z are not thinking about this crap
Elsie said…
Hi Susie
"Real Jews" who become believers in Yeshua actually complete their Jewishnes when they recognise that Jesus is the Messiah. You should take up the Torah and read Zechariah 9:9, and compare that with a statement of the New Testament in Mark 10:7-10.

Matt said…
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