Jews don't do that

I've been asked lately more often than usual about Jewish culture. Do Jews believe this.... do Jews think that... do Jews act like... and so let's ponder this for a bit.

What Jews do is really an accumulation of what some Jews do and some other Jews don't do, but there are fewer of them who don't do it. In other words, there is not a universal rule of law for all Jews to which all Jews are compliant. But GENERALLY, most Jewish people ...

1) are kind and gentle and don't want harm to come on others. The value of ethics is high.
2) are generous with resources. The value of money is regarded as high.
3) are studious and want to learn about things. The value of books is high.
4) care about family almost more than any other relationships. The value of loyalty is high.
5) have a hard time thinking about Jesus because it SOUNDS out of the Jewish box. The value of social maintenance is high.
6) make great followers of Jesus because they are so loyal to things which they find TRUE. Truth is the high value here.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?



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