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Random thoughts to ponder

One-liners are often used in comedy by such greats as Henny Youngman and not-so-greats like Steven Wright. Calling us to think outside the box, and imagine things a different way. What about philosophic memes which abound on social media feeds in the last decade? They are fortune cookie commentary with accompanying artwork vying for my smile or acknowledgment of wrong.

In fact, any famous old one-liner could be nothing more than a cliché in modern vernacular. It takes two to tango. His bark's worse than his bite. Where there's smoke, there's fire. OK, you get it.

What about some of these? I encourage you to ponder... don't read quickly, but read one, and stop, pause, reflect, consider. Don't be in a hurry to repost or copy and paste or to dismiss either. And if you think you have seen one of these before, and maybe you are right, then know that I've taken these on board. I apologise for apparent forgery; there is nothing new under the sun. (There's another…

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