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If I could speak with Ari Hershkowitz

I had never heard of this man. Not until this year. The Times of Israel had a major article about him, and his departure from his religious roots. Anything about religion, especially the Jewish religion, often captivates me. Satmar Hasidim are a subset of ultra-Orthodox Jewish people and it was from them that this Ari Hershkowitz departed, leaving Brooklyn NY 3 years ago. The article is here.

He now calls himself a "culturally Jewish atheist." And gave up drugs and many other substances about 15 months ago. He revealed much about himself to Henry Greener from Melbourne on The Shtick. I remember Henry interviewing me there some years ago. He's a delightful man with keen insights.  (The Shtick - S53-05 Seg.3)

Ari is becoming well known in his own right, and he is one of the featured 'leavers' of Hasidic life in the movie/ Netflix documentary, "One of us." 

In an interview with three fellows online (Epistemic Ep. 18), Ari says, "For the record God hasn&#…

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